AR Virtual Try-On
Try Before You Buy
Effortless AR virtual try-on allows customers to purchase with confidence from the comfort & convenience of their own homes.
Allow customers to easily see products on themselves before purchasing online.
Launch try-on directly from your product page on any web browser across desktop & mobile. No additional hardware, apps, or installations needed.
Accessible to All
Our Try-On Is One Of A Kind
Your products deserve to look their best. Realistic graphics meet unbeatable accuracy, featuring precise 3D models, reflections & state-of-the-art rendering.
Illumix's try-on is simple & straightforward. It just works with no customer set-up required.
Let customers quickly try on a wide range of products in real-time.
Swift & Flexible Integration
Integrate in days with our simple SDK
Supercharge Your Brand & Business
Get people talking - our try-on technology allows customers to easily share products on social networks and drive new audiences to your online store.
Expand your customer base
Increase conversion & lower returns. Our comprehensive analytics suite empowers you to track your KPIs and understand how your product is being used and seen by customers.
Drive key metrics
Immersive brand experience increases time spent and engagement levels with your brand.
Deepen brand affinity
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