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AR Interactive Experiences
We've done the heavy lifting to build the underlying capabilities, real-world triggers, and user interactions that make building a dynamic AR experience easy.
Illumix's AR Platform empowers you to create experiences that will immerse your audience in the world of your brand.
Our platform provides unrivaled AR capabilities and is:
Illumix's Proven AR Platform
Access more advanced AR capabilities through the Illumix AR platform than on any other platform to create your perfect brand experience.
Bringing You Only The Best
Used by millions of users on thousands of different devices.
Battle Tested
Optimized for stable, high quality performance.
Hyper Efficient
Easily used across different platforms and development toolsets.
Fueled by computer vision and machine learning to adapt to each of your users, and boost the quality of their experiences.
Enjoy Unmatched Control & Quality Over Your Brand Experience
Our platform is flexible & precise in a vast range of environments, creating a truly continuous interactive experience for your user. Our proprietary technology allows for precision & immersion through a diverse set of experiences, whether they be nearby, at mid-range, at far distances, or even in the sky.
Illumix's mobile-optimized AR platform delivers standout AR experiences on a wide range of mobile devices, and works on regular, non-specialized hardware.
No expertise or AR knowledge required. Create AR content & iterate using our simple suite of tools & proven consumer templates.
Take AR Anywhere With Illumix
On Location
Deepen brand immersion through dedicated on-site experiences.
At Home
Extend your brand reach by engaging with your audience in the comfort of their own homes.
Bring your brand to your users, wherever they are.
Interactive AR Experiences Level Up Your Brand
Enter the World of Five Nights at Freddy's AR
Powered by Illumix's AR Platform, the FNAF AR mobile app saw mass market success:
Over 13M downloads with no marketing spend. FNAF AR's interactive AR encounters are widely shared and viewed by a global audience.
Extensive Organic Reach
69% of daily time spent in app is in the AR mode, immersing the user in the brand.
High Engagement
Best-In-Class Quality & Performance
With film quality visuals and highly realistic encounters, FNAF AR is one of the highest rated AR experiences across Apple & Google app stores.
Developers saw reduced development time, easy testing & faster iteration from use of Illumix's platform.
Flexible & Fast Development
With the most advanced AR capabilities at your fingertips, your brand's story is just waiting to be told.
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